#1 Steelpan App for Mobile


#1 Steelpan App for Mobile

• Rated best and most realistic steel pan app by all steelpan professionals, virtuosos and the governing body of steelpan / Steel drum. • The first and only app to include the full range of all steelpans and to have different steelpan/steeldrum instrument layouts ALL IN ONE APP using standardized steelpan layouts set forth by Trinidad and Tobago and Pantrinbago, the governing body of steelpan. • Highest rated steelpan app on itunes. • Created by a Trinidad and Tobago national who has been playing and teaching steelpan / steel drum professionally for over 30 years and who has also patented and created the World's 1st Electronic Steel pan, the E-Pan. This steel pan / Steel drum app is a one of a kind application for your Mobil phone. The user will be able to play an entire range of a steelband /steel orchestra in this one application. The user can also do this in different styles in the form of a Tenor, a Double Seconds or a Six Bass. The sounds that you hear coming out of this application are real steelpan sounds/tones. They are not samples or computer generated. http://www.youtube.com/user/electronicsteelpan#p/u/6/3td07zlepbk Tapping your screen with your finger will produce a regular sound like playing the steelpan with a pan stick once. By keeping your finger on the snare drum icon and then keeping your finger on any note/chord after tapping the note/chord, you will be able to create a sustained rolling effect as though you were rolling with two pan sticks. There are several steel pan / Steel brum screens. There is a Tenor steelpan screen, a Double Seconds steel pan screen and a Six Bass steel pan screen. With each of these layouts you can press the up and down arrows to change your octaves. As a result, although you are playing the Tenor layout on the Tenor screen, you can press the down button to get lower steel pan sounds/tones, covering the full range of the entire steelband / steel orchestra going as low as the Six Bass. The same applies to the Double Seconds and Six Bass screens. If you press the up arrow it will take you up to the high octaves in the Tenor range (octaves 4, 5, 6 and 7) or you can press the down arrow to go as low as octaves 1 and 2 in the Bass range. This application is protected under US Patent# 7,030,305 and European Patent# EP1837859 #1 Steelpan App © 2011 Salmon Cupid, All rights reserved Licensed to Nape, Inc.

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